August 9, 2007 -- La Cañada Valley Sun

Around Town:August: the season of love

It was a hot August morning in the foothills. I was at the coffee place. Somehow, the discussion turned toward the seasons of love.

What is the most romantic time of the year?

February, replied the lady to my left.

I considered the proposition for a while. True, February is the month of roses, chocolates and valentines, but it has always paled by comparison with the midnight dance on New Year’s and champagne.

What about spring? interjected the lady to my right.

May Day. June brides. I felt she was getting warmer.

What about August? I asked cautiously.

My friends looked surprised.

I began to explain. I love weddings, but my all-time favorite was in August of 1973. It was a sunny day in a garden full of flowers. The day that I married the man of my dreams.

Back then, the weddings were smaller. We had just graduated law school. The online bridal registry was not yet invented. In fact, the Internet had not been invented. It was but a gleam in Al Gore’s eye. Our presents included four toaster ovens, two green towels and a purple bath mat.

Years later, on an August evening, our first child was born.

For me, August will always be the season of love.

We were at a wedding when a friend commented on these seasons.

There was a time, she said, when our kitchens all had high chairs. Then, the youngest child grew older and the high chair was put away.

Other seasons followed. Indian Guides, Princesses, Ballet Petit. La Cañada Junior Baseball (and Softball). Girl Scouts. Boy Scouts. The Prom.

Each season had its own duration. Each consumed our parental time and focus. Each ended and our kids took us along to the next season.

Now that our children are older, she explained, it is the season of weddings.

It is true. Weddings in January. Weddings in March. Even June and September. Bright young faces. Proud, happy and teary-eyed parents.

In the last few years, we have attended a dozen weddings. We love every minute. The first dance. The cake. The bouquet toss. They wave goodbye as they skip into their future.

At the reception, we sit at tables with others in our age group. Most of us are still married. Still in love. Especially at a wedding. Nostalgia comes with the territory.

We reminisce about our own weddings. We talk about these children, these brides and grooms. They grew up so fast.

Wasn’t it just yesterday that they came home from the hospital? Wore diapers? Sat in the high chair?

Like they say — it’s all good.

And that’s why, of all the months in these seasons of love, my favorite month is August.

ANITA SUSAN BRENNER and her husband moved to La Cañada Flintridge in August of 1976. E-mail her at