A Song for Shabbat (Psalm 92)

I want a god I can daven with
A god who doesn’t mind
ducking under the tallis now and then
to discuss the issues.

A god like you, Adonai

I want a god who sits down to dinner
with me and my husband
drinks wine tells a joke or two
spends the night the hours soak us like oil
the children are asleep

we whisper the songs: the wild ox at midnight.

I want a god like you, Adonai
who drinks whiskey with the minyan
who prays back at us
holds the candle high at havdalah
then peeks out the window
into the green night of the world.

This poem originally appeared as The agriculture of evil (Psalm 1) - PresenTense Issue 6 (2008) COPYRIGHT ANITA SUSAN BRENNER SEPTEMBER 1, 2008.

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